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Smoking Gun Beef Jerky

Smoking Gun Beef Jerky

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Looking for the perfect paring for your cocktail? Might we recommend some Smoking Gun Beef Jerky?? 

Pick from these amazing flavors!

Applewood:  Applewood gives you the taste of our Hickory Smoke marinade mixed with an applewood smoke flavor.

Black Pepper & Garlic: If you like a good steak right off the grill, you will fall in love with this flavor.

Maple & Brown Sugar: One of our sweetest Beef Jerky flavors. Made with REAL Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar, it is delicious and, well, selling like hot cakes....pardon the pun! This one is always a kid favorite or good for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Mild Hickory: Beef Jerky with a Smokey Wild West flavor. Made with Smoking Gun Jerky Marinade for a traditional Hickory flavor.

Tennessee Whiskey: A favorite for those who like a mellow jerky with a hint of Jack Daniels flavor.

Teriyaki: A traditional Beef Jerky flavor—but with the Smoking Gun twist of quality AND great taste!

Wicked Awesome: Slow heat that builds—the more you eat, the hotter it gets. This jerky has a great flavor that is not overpowered by intense spice, but does have a great little kick! A favorite for those who like the heat without the burn.


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